Best AP Physics 2 Review Book To Score a 5 (2020)

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Like the other PA exams trend, the AP Physics 2 (Algebra-based)is also divided into two sections out of which one is for the multiple-choice questions and the other one for the question for free-response. IN order to clear the exam with higher marks, you will have to work on both the section with equal importance as both sections have 50% weightage on your marks. So, be prepared with both the sections and use the proper study materials if you are willing to crack the exam in your first attempt.

The first section of the exam is of multiple-choice questions and you are going to have a total of 50 questions that you will have to solve in 90 minutes.

On the other hand, the second section of the free response questions where there is total of four questions based on experimental design, quantitative translation and two short answer questions.

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Wednesday, May 6th, 2020

Last time the exam changed

The exam pattern and type have been changed recently in the year 2015, and there are no chances of it being changed for this session. So, you can easily refer to the books after the said date. Also, if you are looking ace the exam with a 4 or 5, we will suggest you to go with the books and preparation kits that are intended for the 2020 exams. By doing this,you will have the latest concepts and theories that can help you achieve better marks in the exam and solve the question with logic and knowledge that are both necessary for the Algebra-based Physics AP Exam.

 Best AP Physics 2 Books 2020

Apart from joining the coaching, it is essential that you refer to good quality study material that can help you prepare yourself for the exams in the last hour and provide you confidence over your studies and preparations. Also, if you were looking to study for the exam at home without any coaching or institute, these best AP Physics 2 exam books can be extremely beneficial for you.

Here, we are recommending the three best AP Physics 2 books for your 2020 exams and if you are looking for some extra material that you can rely on, these books will be a great companion for you.

#1. AP Physics 2 Essentials

For the students who are new to the subject and want to learn the concepts from the base, the AP Physics 2 Essentials will be a great book for cracking the exam. Along with the perfectly laid out topics and easy language, the book provides a great advantage for those students who are in their advanced level of studies and want to brush up their basic concepts and skills.

So, regardless of your proficiency level, this book plays an important role in achieving great marks in the exam. Try it and find how easily you can ace the exam with ease. Apart from the concepts, the book also contains over 400 problems that are likely to be asked in the exams and all of them are completely explained with proper examples and concepts needed.

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#2. Cracking the AP Physics 2 Exam: The Princeton Review

For those students who are looking for a preparation book that has mock tests in it along with the important concept explanation, The Princeton Review’s Cracking the AP Physics 2 would be an excellent book for the preparation. The book contains two mock papers that are based on the latest pattern and guidelines. Also, the brilliantly explained concepts make the book an excellent choice for the students who are looking to crack the exam with a 5.

The online student tools can be used for enhancing your skills and knowledge on the subject and this is surely going to help you score good marks in the exam.

In other words, if you are looking for a book that provides you a good overview of the exam and can help you prepare without any expert help or coaching, the Princeton Review’s Cracking AP Physics 2 exam will be perfect self-study preparation kit for you.

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#3. Barron’s AP Physics 2

With a perfectly designed study material and legit questions that can be extremely helpful for cracking the exam, the Barron’s AP Physics 2 is one of the best AP Physics 2 books currently available for the 2020 exam.

Along with the detailed concepts, the book also contains two full-length practice tests that are great for the students who are looking for preparing them for the exam and want to try their hands on the real mock tests that can help them get a hint of the real exam.

Apart from this, the tried and tested tips and tricks provided in the book can be extremely beneficial to prepare them for the exam without being stuck in the unnecessary preparation drills and concept clearing sections.

In other words, if you were looking to have one complete book that can easily help you clear the exam with good marks, the Barron’s P Physics would be the perfect choice for the 2020 exams.

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IN addition to these, there are a few more book s to try but, if you don’t enough time to prepare, and still want to score well, these books will be more than enough for you to score 4 or even 5. Try them and get the best score you can in the least time for preparation.

Self Study Tips

Apart from the above-listed books, if you still have time to enhance your preparation and skills, the best way to get good marks with the least hard work is to rely on online preparation. You can either look for the online videos on the subject or join the free community of similar aspirants to get a familiar environment to study.

However, we will still insist that you complete at least one theory and one test preparation kit before trying your hands on these tips. Prepare well and you can easily crack the Physics 2 with complete confidence.

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