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AP Physics-1 (Algebra-based) is considered as one of the toughest AP exams for the students. However, with the right approach and content, you can still crack the exam with the best resource material and the right learning technique. Like the other AP exams, AP Physics 1 is also divided into two sections where the first section consists of the multiple-choice questions and the other section has free-response questions.

The first section generally consists of 50 multiple choice questions for which you will get a total of 90 minutes and this section has 50% marks weightage on the student’s marks. One the other hand, the second section of the exam consists of five questions out of which one question is based on the experimental design, one is the quantitative translation and the other three are short-answer free-response questions. Like the first section, this section also weighs 50% marks of the student total exam marks.

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Thursday, May 7th, 2020

Last time the exam changed

Due to the concepts and advanced findings in the subject, the exam pattern has recently changed in the year 2015. So, if you are planning to crack the exam with one go, we will suggest you to go with the books that are precisely targeted for the 2020 exam schedule. BY doing this, you will be assured of getting the most accurate and the latest concept revision and will be prepared for the exam with the best content available.

Best AP Physics 1 Books 2020

As said, the best way to crack the AP Physics-1 exam is to have the best study material with you. And although there are several books that can be opted for, we have shortlisted three of the best and most sorted-out AP Physics 1 exam books that can help you ace the exam with the perfect five. Just have a look at these books and if you have time before the exam, we will suggest you to complete one or two books out of them apart from other preparation material available for the exam. So, let’s know about these books in detail and know why they are a better choice for the students.

#1. Barron’s AP Physics 1 with Online Tests

The first book that we are recommending here is tested by thousands of aspirants and if you are also willing to clear the exam with a 4 or 5, this single AP Physics 1 book can help you achieve that. The book contains four full-length practice tests to help the students know their standing and preparation for the exams. Along with this, the book also talks about every single concept in a precise and point-by-point approach that makes it a complete book for the aspirants.

In addition to the test in the book, the students who purchase this best AP Physics 1 book also get access to the two full-length online test papers that enhance your skills and prepare you for the actual exam like a pro.

In other words, the Barron’s AP Physics 1 is an excellent book for those aspirants who are looking for a single book that can clear the concepts and prepare them for the exam.

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#2. Cracking the AP Physics 1 Exam- The Princeton Review

Those students who have some knowledge and have the basics clear for the exam will find the Princeton Review’s Cracking AP Physics Exam will be an ideal book to go for. Unlike the other books, this book from Princeton Reviews is based on providing the students with tried and tested tips that can help them focused on the important things of the exam and let them clear up the concepts like a pro. Also, the logically explained concepts make it easier for the students to keep going to the deeper concepts without any issues.

Along with this, the book also offers five test sets that help the students to get thorough knowledge of the pattern and types of questions that can be asked in the 2020’s exam.

So, if you are looking forward to having some expert tips to handle the pressure of the exam and want to gain confidence over your preparation, this best AP Physics 1 book will be an excellent choice for you.

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#3. Sterling Test Prep-AP Physics 1

Sterling Test Prep series is considered as the best exam preparation guide for the students who are confident about their knowledge and want to prepare for the exams directly. The practice questions listed in the books are intelligently picked for the latest exam and if you have completed your textbooks and mock tests and are willing for something extra to gain more confidence, this book would be an excellent choice to make. Although the book primarily targets the practice questions for the exam, you can also find the important notes and formula that are essential to crack the exam.

So, once you have completed your textbooks and mock tests, we will suggest you once try your hands on Sterling Test Prep AP Physics 1.

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Self Study Tips

If you already completed the books and have time to go for something extra, then instead of sitting back relaxed, we will suggest you to try your hands on some self-study tips that can not only brush up your skills but ill also help you to prepare for the exam more easily than before. The first thing is to find a flawless and tested test series online that can help you know about the exact pattern and types of questions you should prepare for the exam.  The second thing to complete at least one textbook to clear up all the basic and advanced concepts of the exam that will help you know the subject well. By doing this, along with practicing the mock tests, you can easily crack the exam and score good marks.

You can also join the online classes for practicing the new question and community of similar students who are looking to crack the AP Physics 1 exam in the year 2020.

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