Best AP Italian Books in 2020 To Score a 5

Best AP Italian Book 2020 : There are many languages available for the AP exam and you have the option to choose the one in which you would like to appear. Some of the popular languages include Japanese, German and Chinese. Italian is also one of the popular AP Exam language and every year, many students appear for this exam. If you are also planning to appear for AP Italian Language Exam then you are at the right place because in this article, we have listed a lot of information about the AP Italian Exam. So, go ahead and check out the details now.

Exam Pattern

We will first talk about the exam pattern of the AP Italian Exam. Just like all the other examinations, this also has 2 different sections. The first section is a Multiple Choice Questions and this has a total of 66 to 74 questions. You get 80 minutes to answer all the questions. The time may sometime vary depending on the number of questions. This first section of the AP Italian Exam has been allocated with 50% of the total marks in the exam.

Talking about the second section, this is basically a free response question and it has almost 8 questions. You need to answer these questions in 85 minutes. Apart from this, if you would like to know more details about this second section then let us tell you that the questions may include writing an email, essay, and participation in a simulated conversation. Apart from this, you will also be asked for a comparison between your culture and Italian culture.

The exam is held every May and for the exact date, you can refer to the College Board Website. The good part about the website is that it also has some of the sample papers for you. With a good book, you will be able to prepare for the exam and we have shared some of the references with you in the section below.

Best AP Italian Exam Books

Here are 3 of the top recommendations for the people who are appearing for the AP Italian Exam. Check them out now.

#1. Barron’s AP Italian Language and Culture

Barron’s is known to be the top name when it comes to the AP Test Preparation books. The same is true for the AP Italian Exam. This book comes with a mini diagnostic test to help you in finding out your weaknesses. Apart from that, there are also 2 full length exams that you can complete in order to prepare for the exam. It can be really difficult to deal with the idioms but this book has a list of idioms for your review and it also has a section for Grammar Review. There are 3 audio CDs included with the book that helps you in preparing for the listening and speaking section as well.

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#2. REA: AP Italian Language and Culture Preparation Book

The next book that we have on our list is from REA and this is also a nice book for preparations. The book has 2 audio CDs that help you with practical preparation and there are also many practice tests to prepare yourself for the exam. The diagnostics test in the book ensures that you are aware of the topics that need your attention.  There are several pre-exam exercises included in the book that helps you with the preparation as well. All the material in the book is listed in a very friendly and smart manner which makes it one of the best books to prepare from.

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#3. Ace the AP Italian Language and Culture Exam

The last recommendation in our list is for Ace the AP Italian Language and Culture Exam. The book helps you in preparing for the exam and scoring well in the exam. It has a comprehensive review of the topics and there are CDs included in the book that helps you in gaining the skills that you need to answer the listening and speaking sections. Overall, this is a good book and you can consider this as well for your preparations for the AP Italian Exam.

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Tips and Conclusion

Just like any other language exam, AP Italian Exam is also quite difficult for the students who are not fluent in the language. If you are already fluent with Italian then you would not really need to study much and you can simply refer to any of the books listed above. You can even jump on to the practice test direct and judge your performance. This will save a lot of your time.

If you are still learning Italian then we would recommend you to give yourself at least 2 years of time. This will prepare you for the new language and it is really advisable to join an Italian Speaking course.  You can even use online content to prepare for the exam. Watching Italian movies and shows will also help you in reinforcing your preparation.

Overall, the exam is easy for the people who are fluent in Italian but we would still recommend to give at least 2 to 3 weeks to the preparations. This was all for now and All the best for your exam.

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