Best AP Macroeconomics Exam Book 2020 : Info and Course Content

Best AP Macroeconomics Exam Book 2020 : Like the other AP exams, AP Macroeconomics also is divided into two sections. However, the major change that makes the AP macroeconomics exam different than other AP exams is that both sections have different weight age on the scoring.

Unlike most of the other AP exams where the sections’ marks are equally distributed, here, the first section of the paper has 66% weightage whereas the second section that has three questions out of which one is free response-long (50% of section marks) and the other two are free response-short (25% of section score each) are laid out for the students.

For the first section, you will get 70 minutes to solve 60 multiple choice questions while for the second section of the paper, you will get 60 minutes. So, prepare yourself well so that you can provide attention to the important parts and complete the questions well within the time limit.

Next Exam Date

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Last time the exam changed

AP Macroeconomics is one of very few AP examinations whose pattern and types of the question have never changed. So, regardless of the year you are planning to attend the exam, you can easily refer to the older books to get the perfect idea of the exam and believe us guys, you can completely crack through the exam with a perfect score if you have with the right strategy and right study material.

Best AP Macroeconomics Books 2020

As AP Macroeconomics is an important exam for the students, there are several books available in the market that term themselves as the most reliable and straightforward way to achieve success in the exam. However, there are a few books that have better popularity among the aspirants and provide high-quality content that can really be helpful for you to achieve the success that you are seeking this year.

To make things easier for the students, we are recommending three of the best books currently available in the market that you can completely rely on for getting perfect five. Go through the list and then choose the most suitable one according to your needs.

#1. Barron’s AP Microeconomics/Macroeconomics with Online Tests

The first book in our list of best preparation books for AP Macroeconomics is Barron’s AP Macroeconomics with online tests. Apart from having a great collection of important points and topics, the Barron’s AP Macroeconomics with online tests has numerous other plus points that make this a perfect book for those students who are looking for a complete test preparation along with the online tests to know their present standing for the upcoming exam.

Apart from the brilliantly laid out topics and discussions to the problems, the Barron’s AP Macroeconomics with online tests is popular among the students due to its complete and easy approach towards teaching the concepts.

Also, the students purchasing the book will have access to the two full-size patterned tests that will help the students to know more about the exam pattern and the types of questions that can be asked in the exam. The mock test paper has the solutions with detailed explanation and thus you will get maximum benefits by solving them before your real exam.

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#2. Cracking the AP Economics Micro & Macro Exams, 2020 Edition

For the readers who are looking to buy a reliable book that is based on the various tried and tested techniques of achieving good scores in the exam, this book from Princeton Review would be an excellent choice to make. Regardless of the level of your preparations, this book has the potential to teach you all basic and advanced concepts and help you achieve perfect five.

Along with the top-notch content, the book also has the practice tools that make the students well-prepared for the exam in no time.

In other words, if you are looking for a complete book that not only clears your concepts but also offers you great mock tests to know about the real exams, Cracking the AP Economics Micro and Macro will be an excellent choice to go with.

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#3. Foundations of Economics, AP Edition, 8th Edition

In case you were looking for a formal textbook that helps you know about the basic concepts of the economics that can help you know more about the subject instead of just having the knowledge that can be used to clear the exam, the Foundation of Economics would be an ideal book to go for. Along with the content, the book also provides you enough knowledge to crack the MicroEconomics and MacroEconomics exams. So, try it and get maximum benefits of the book by having complete knowledge of the subject.

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Self Study Tips

Lastly, let’s have a look at self-study tips for the AP Macroeconomics exam. Apart from having a good preparation kit at home, it is also essential to have some extra ways to achieve the desired success in the exams.

Talking specifically about the AP Macroeconomics exam, you can definitely rely on the above-listed best AP Macroeconomics books but if you were looking forward to enhancing your problem-solving skills and want to know how you can perform in the exam at the current stage of preparation, the online mock tests, and sample papers can help you a lot. Also, there are numerous YouTube channels that can help you prepare for the AP Macroeconomics exam from scratch. So, try these extras to get assured success in the exam.

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